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Gremisa Asistencia is specialized in any multi-risk home, commerce or condo accident solution and repair. We're the leading independent repair company in Zaragoza, Huesca, Teruel, Tarragona, Balearic Islands, Lérida, Pamplona and Málaga.

Oficinas Gremisa Asistencia

Our main activities

We’re focusing on providing professional and complete assitance for any kind of home accident, both in terms of assistance and insurance clerk service. Our staff is composed by qualified workers specialised in diverse professions. Thanks to the use of our 3G and 4G ultimate technologies, we’re obtaining the most efficient results in the market. We’re also always offering the most suitable pricing and agile work performance.

  • Complete repair service.
  • Urgent assistance team in the whole national territory.
  • Specialized localization of the breakdown causes, such as infrared cameras, tracer-gas leak testing and ultrasound testing.
  • Conflagration and inundation assistance department.
  • Technical reports. Dwelling reforms.
  • Technology R&D department.

Services with an added value

As a result of our constant pursuit of providing excellence and the best quality in our services, Gremisa Asistencia is certified with the ISO 9001 standard; an international Quality Management System standard which ensures that we meet the needs of our customers while meeting statutory and regulatory requirements related to the service provided.

Our professionals

Efficient working and rapid assistance. An average accident solving timing in any region is between 12 and 20 days. We have our own wood and alluminium carpenter’s and glass shops, which turns us into fast performers.

Pricing control

Prior and constant budget control, with supervision of any possible change. During the last year, only 10% of reparatios overcame the average price of 450€. Thanks to our ultimate technologies we can monitor and supervise each accident case in real time.

R&D Department

Both our workers and insurance clerks are constantly using the up-to-date technology, which allows to cut down on repair timing and costs. Our workers are daily using infrared cameras, moisture sensor, termperature detectors, waterproof cameras, temperature probes, etc.

Continuous training

We’re weekly conducting training courses to update our workers in knowledge and skills. These courses are aimed to offer the latest news in repair sector, share new skills and improve communication and assistance. Our goal is to keep on improving our job and make it even more efficient.

Quality control

We conduct a quality control assessment in every assistance intervention through surveys addressed to our customers with the aim to evaluate the quality of workers’ performance and to know clients’ impression of the service and the treatment received. These surveys are conducted at the end of each intervention. A suggestion box is also available for clients’ use. Our objective is to keep on improving.

Customized approach

Each intervention is different and that requires a different approach, both in terms of individual treatment towards to the customer and in repair terms. At Gremisa Asistencia, we believe that each assistance must be conducted with a unique approach. This distinguishes us with an extra value which strengthens our company.

Our history

Gremisa Asistencia was founded in 2002 as a development of an innovative service in the insurance market. The technology sector has contributed to the design of new organisation and coordination techniques and to new localization and repair methods. As consequence, this innovation drove us to a meaningful improvement in assistance and repair speed, along with lower assistance costs and better intervention control. These qualities are very appreciated among insurance companies and led Gremisa Asistencia to the expansion to other locations and to the implementation of our working method.

Grupo gremisa Asistencia

Our principles:

Our staff is formed by the most qualified professionals. We are all committed to the company’s project, team-working and outstanding performance Given our distinguished customer and assistance service, we carry out all tasks responsibly, always keeping in mind our commitment to the final result.

Our identity is service-oriented. We’re different because each team member is contributing to turn this company into a unique and distinguishing project, since our values are integrity, methodology and ethical working.

The excellence in performance is our main goal - this guarantees our competitive service. Since 2011, Gremisa Asistencia has been engaging diverse Aid Projects which are sponsored and carried out with company's own capital. Some of these projects are: infrastructure improvements; construction of medical facilities; or drinking and sewage water scoring, like the one conducted at the Cannahan Orphanage in Kabale (UGANDA).

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Office locations

Find us in Zaragoza,Huesca,Teruel,Tarragona,Balearic Islands, Lérida, Pamplona y Málaga (capital cities and provinces). We provide immediate intervention: we get in touch with the client within the first 3 hours. Full service offered in any professional field. Immediate assitance: the client is visited as soon as he is available. Each intervention is monitored and controlled by photo and video recording.

Gremisa Asistencia statistics

In 2017 we achieved above 250.000 cases. We evaluate the possibilities according to the type of accident origin: water leak, conflagration, electric, meteorogical, etc. We set out possible damage structures, compensation for the wronged, possible replacements, etc. and, thus, the costs are optimized and the assistance is speeded up. All these considerations provide us with the necessary information about materials, reparation, costs and possible diversions according to assistance type.

Plumbing cases received
Plumbing cases solved
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Our team

Team-working is a key condition at Gremisa Asistencia, which leads us, with a firm step, towards the success. We’re a group of people cooperating to achieve a common goal.
It’s the best way to achieve our purpose and to be a mentor company in working methodology and environment. Main regional managers:


There is no better recommendation letter than our clients' opinion.
A well-done job is what inspires us.

Paying attention to a house issue while I'm working is messy. Gremisa Asistencia's workers came to my place, repaired, tidied up and left. We agreed the appointment according to my schedule. I’m thankful for their professionalism.
cliente GREMISA
Ángela Ramírez
Gremisa Asistencia is an excellent and productive commercial ally. They performed all the repair avoiding me from closing my business down for those days. They also surprised me with some innovative ideas.
cliente GREMISA
Enrique Muñiz
Congratulations! Before you I would only have issues with every breakdown. Your workers solved all the issues and, after the damage repair, everything looks even better than it was before.
cliente GREMISA
María Casals
Administrative assistant


For any further questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.
We'll provide you with a customized solution.

Head office:

Gremisa Asistencia, Ltd.
Avenida Tenor Fleta, 53
50008 - Zaragoza. España (Spain)
Telf:: 900 831 244